Susan Hendricks Videos
Here are a few of the latest Susan Hendricks video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Susan Hendricks.

CNN Blooper - Susan Hendricks Applying Mascera

This is the funniest blooper we've seen yet - Susan Hendricks was totally caught off guard applying makeup on CNN on Sunday December 9th, 2007. Enjoy!
Video duration length: 9 seconds

Susan Hendricks Legs and High Heels Tease December 15, 2010

best parts at: 2:03 3:47 5:34 video from of newsbabe susan hendricks of cnn showing legs and body while in high heels while standing and doing the news showing her hot body in a white business suit.
Video duration length: 342 seconds

CNN - Susan Hendricks 07 09 11

Susan Hendricks on 07 09 2011.
Video duration length: 64 seconds

CNN HLN - Susan Hendricks Richelle Carey 12 06 10

Susan Hendricks and Richelle Carey on 12 06 2010.
Video duration length: 252 seconds

Susan Hendricks CNN Legs & Knee High Boots Nov 22, 2010 susan hendricks from cnn's hot legs and thigh high boots
Video duration length: 26 seconds

CNN 1/2/2011: Susan Hendricks and Paula Caligiuri discuss 2011 Employment Predictions

2011 Job Predictions: CNN Newsroom anchor Susan Hendricks interviews Paula Caligiuri, PhD. Dr. Caligiuri is a professor of Human Resource Management at Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations, Author of: Get A Life Not A Job, Harmonizing Work Life Balance and Personal Life, and numerous professional Journal articles.
Video duration length: 265 seconds

Susan Hendricks and Richelle Carey

Susan Hendricks & Richelle Carey on the sofa doing news tease.
Video duration length: 29 seconds

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