Page Hopkins Bio
  • Biography: The former Fox girl, Paige Hopkins now works for MSNBC. Hopkins started her career at KTVE-TV in Monroe, Louisiana, followed by anchoring jobs at WWCP-TV in the Johnstown/Altoona, Pennsylvania, and News 12 New Jersey. Prior to joining FOX News in 2002, she was the morning anchor of Bloomberg Television's Moneycast. She began with MSNBC in 2008. Paige graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in History.
  • Date of birth: Sorry, we don't know how old Page Hopkins is
  • Place of birth:
  • Residence: Page Hopkins lives in New York, New York
  • Sex: F
  • What is Page Hopkins known for? MSNBC

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    PAGE HOPKINS! Saying tits on TV

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