Megyn Kelly Videos
Here are a few of the latest Megyn Kelly video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly Loses It

Fox News gets called on bias
Video duration length: 416 seconds

Howard Stern and Megyn Kelly discuss breasts, penises & Republican litmus tests about Fox News

Megyn Kelly and Howard Stern
Video duration length: 582 seconds

Fox's Megyn Kelly gets pawned by anti-circumcision activist

Megyn Kelly gets her talking points knocked down by anti-circumcision activist Lloyd Schofield on Fox daytime. Love how uncomfortable she is!!
Video duration length: 270 seconds

Catfight: Megyn Kelly vs Rep Weiner (D-NY) on Obama's Tax Cuts & Death Tax
Video duration length: 674 seconds

Ron Paul on America Live with Megyn Kelly
Video duration length: 459 seconds

Megyn Kelly fight with Anthony Weiner

Megyn Kelly has another hilarious fight with Anthony Weiner over justice Thomas and the health care bill.
Video duration length: 404 seconds

Tool Time: Did Obama 'Inherit' Economy?!

FOX News Megyn held a panel discussion this week on the economy and who's to blame for our current conditions which included a graphic 'White House argues it 'Inherited' a bad Economy.' Is this really actually up for debate? We'll take a look at various clips including Megyn Kelly asking if Obama really 'inherited' a bad economy.
Video duration length: 185 seconds

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