Liz Claman Videos
Here are a few of the latest Liz Claman video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Liz Claman.

Liz Claman - Fox Business - Thighs

Liz Claman
Video duration length: 88 seconds

Liz Claman on CNBC - January 10, 2007

Yes, I admit it! I'm a fan of 'La Liz', and today... a white sweater! Viva! Also, thanks to the cappers who provided these clips!
Video duration length: 99 seconds

Liz Claman 11:30 standup - 6/20/2007

Thank you, Lady Claman, once again. Also, T3C!
Video duration length: 20 seconds

Liz Claman - CNBC - Nippy

Liz Claman - Pokies
Video duration length: 37 seconds

Fox News Babe Liz Claman DANCES 12/7/09

The beautiful,sexy and smart Fox News Babe Liz Claman on Imus...DANCING!
Video duration length: 232 seconds

A Day in the Life of FBN's Liz Claman --The Insider

FOX Business Network star anchor Liz Claman shows a typical day in her hectic world of breaking business news and as a working mom.
Video duration length: 54 seconds

Liz Claman

CNBC Newsanchor famous for her leggs!
Video duration length: 87 seconds

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