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Here are a few of the latest Kate Snow video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Kate Snow.

Kate Snow asks specific experience and woman as CINC

Kate snow asks a two parter on Hillary's experience and if a woman can fill the role of CINC. Wes Clark and Paul Eaton reply
Video duration length: 214 seconds

Sam Claflin On Prince William & Kate! - 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

British Sam Claflin so wants to show Prince William & Kate around when they come to California in July! We got the exclusives here at PopStopTV.com
Video duration length: 67 seconds

Kate Snow ABC who want to be a millionaire

'Expert' Kate 'totally knows this!' with right answer. Kate, like, totally celebrates.
Video duration length: 91 seconds

Student Advocate Kate Snow Interview

Student Advocate for IJM
Video duration length: 142 seconds

William, Kate, Snow And St Andrew

Its St Andrew day and Prince William is getting married. oh what's the point, the title always tells you what its about.
Video duration length: 117 seconds

Kate Snow's Lovely Legs Upclose

Kate Snow...HOT LEGS!!!
Video duration length: 32 seconds

NBC Crime Mystery - Bringing Brooke Home 1/11

NBC's Kate Snow reports, On a summer break from college, nineteen year-old Brooke Wilberger returns home to Oregon. While cleaning apartments in Corvallis she suddenly vanishes, hastily leaving behind her flip flops.
Video duration length: 383 seconds

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