Kate Snow Bio
  • Biography: A native of Burnt Hills, New York, Kate Snow is a 1991 graduate of Cornell and holds a Masters in Foreign Service from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She currently works for Dateline on NBC. Prior to that, Snow joined ABC in 2003 as a Good Morning America's White House reporter before she was selected to co-host the morning show's weekend edition. She had worked previously at NPR and NBC Radio, and also worked as a reporter at KOAT-TV from 1995-1998 and at CNN from 1998-2003.
  • Date of birth: June 10, 1969 (she is 52 years old)
  • Place of birth:
  • Residence: We do not know where Kate Snow lives
  • Sex: F
  • What is Kate Snow known for? NBC Host

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Kate Snow asks specific experience and woman as CINC

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