Juliet Huddy Bio
  • Biography: The lovely Juliet Huddy was born in Miami Beach, Florida. She graduated from Langley High School, McLean, Virginia, in 1987 and went on to study political science at the University of Missouri, graduating in 1992. After college, she began her news journalism career at age 21 as a reporter/producer for KARO-FM's morning newscast in Columbia, Missouri. She later relocated to Ventura, California to join KADY-TV?a station and five years later returned to Florida to work for WAWS in Jacksonville. In 1998 she got scooped up by Fox News.
  • Date of birth: September 27, 1969 (she is 51 years old)
  • Place of birth: Miami Beach, Florida, United States
  • Residence: We do not know where Juliet Huddy lives
  • Sex: F
  • What is Juliet Huddy known for? Fox News

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