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  • Biography: Arguably the hottest sideline property in pro sports, Inez Sainz burst onto the international scene in 2010 after a run-in with the New York Jets. The scantily-clad Sainz has since been a lightning rod of controversy wherever she goes and for whomever she covers. While her hot body, skin-tight attire and drop-dead good looks have given her a job as a reporter, her female counterparts have taken offense to the way she does business. But things Mexico are different than here in the U.S. (sex sells everywhere!), so maybe we should cut her some slack! Sainz graduated with a law degree from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico in Queretaro and a masters in tax law from the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro.
  • Date of birth: Sorry, we don't know how old Ines Sainz is
  • Place of birth: Mexico City
  • Residence: Ines Sainz lives in Mexico City
  • Sex: F
  • What is Ines Sainz known for? TV Aztec Reporter

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Modern Lady Bits: Reporter Inez Sainz a Hooker?

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