Heather Cox Bio
  • Biography: Now pushing into her 40s, sexy Heather Cox is among the eye pleasers on the ESPN game sidelines. Cox has been with the World Wide Leader since 1994 serving as a reporter for ABC and ESPN's coverage of the NBA, college football, NCAA men’s and women’s basketball and the WNBA. Cox graduated from the University of Pacific in 1992, cum laude, with a bachelor of arts degree in broadcast and public relations. And did you know Cox was a pro athlete herself? Cox played professionally as the team captain for the Sacramento Stars of the National Volleyball Association professional league from 1993-95.
  • Date of birth: Sorry, we don't know how old Heather Cox is
  • Place of birth:
  • Residence: We do not know where Heather Cox lives
  • Sex: F
  • What is Heather Cox known for? ESPN Reporter

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ESPN Reporter Heather Cox screws up - Piston's Rodney Stuckey Collapses

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