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Erin Burnett: Final Day At CNBC

On May 6, 2011, Erin Burnett appeared for the last time on CNBC, the network where she hosted two shows and was one of its most visible personalities. Bob 'Cool Breeze' Pisani gave Burnett an embrace on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after 10:00 am, which prompted a round of applause from floor traders. Bertha Coombs, Herb Greenberg and Jane Wells also separately gave Burnett a farewell during 'Squawk on the Street.' Burnett's usually stoic co-host Mark Haines cried like a girl during the final, tear-jerking moments of 'Squawk.' 'Power Lunch' hosts Michele Caruso-Cabrera, Sue Herrera and Tyler Mathisen wished Burnett luck as 'Street Signs' began. During her final hour on CNBC, Sharon Epperson, Bill Griffeth, Simon Hobbs, Darren Rovell and Rick Santelli said goodbye to Burnett. The show ended with Erin saying goodbye to Jim Cramer, and the pair crying in each other's arms as the screen faded to black. tags: erin burnett mark haines bottom bob pisani art cashin sharon epperson squawk box on the street signs cnbc cnn joe kernen blake kernan carl quintanilla becky quick david faber simon hobbs nyse new york stock exchange berthat coombs herb greenberg jane wells michele caruso cabrera sue herrera tyler mathisen darren rovell bill griffeth jim cramer mad money
Video duration length: 652 seconds

Erin Burnett Says Goodbye to CNBC

'Squawk On The Street' with Erin Burnett & Mark Haines, CNBC, May 6, 2011 Good luck to Erin Burnett at CNN beginning June 1, 2011! Rest In Peace, Mark Haines (1946-2011). We loved you, man.
Video duration length: 195 seconds

CNBC's Erin Burnett Slams Europac Clown Michael Pento - 'Michael, You Are So Rude!'

CNBC's eloquent and elegant anchor, our Money Honey Erin Burnett, is not too amused by the rude antics of Michael Pento on her show and delivers her contempt in a straightforward fashion. Michael Pento recently joined Europac as Senior (Senseless) VP and Senior (Senseless) Economist - its amazing that it took so long for him to get into bed with Peter Schiff since they share so many characteristics, namely: - Being rude in interviews to hosts / moderators and guests alike; misconstruing shouting over the hosts and guests as 'winning' an argument or debate - Plain ignorant about economics and finance - Parroting erroneous conclusions and hot air rhetoric, that are not in any way supported by empirical evidence - Constantly dishing out erroneous financial / investment advice - Possessing an eerie horse face semblance (you might conclude they are long lost brothers). That aside, Michael Pento makes a complete fool out of himself in this interview: 1) He professes in the interview that the Fed sets interest rates -- and then contradicts himself by saying that interest rates will be forced to rise if no one subscribes to US treasuries. Wrong on both counts -- the 'Coupon' on US treasuries is usually fixed and set by the issuer (the issuer can set any coupon it wishes regardless of demand); 'Interest rates' are set by the Fed, that is the Fed's primary mandate. 2) He can't even distinguish the role of a moderator - and challenges Erin Burnett to answer his questions - to which ...
Video duration length: 281 seconds

CNN: Erin Burnett on the debt deal

Erin Burnett talks to Piers Morgan about how the markets will react to the debt deal in Congress.
Video duration length: 149 seconds

Erin Burnett 12/20/10

Erin Burnett Dr. Keri Peterson Tamron Hall Stephanie Abrams Legs
Video duration length: 112 seconds

Erin Burnett States the Obvious on the Inequity of Salaries
Video duration length: 226 seconds

Erin Burnett Interview - 1/17/08

Erin Burnett Interview - 1/17/08
Video duration length: 456 seconds

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