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Here are a few of the latest Erin Andrews video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Erin Andrews.

Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Week 9: Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Paso Doble

Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Week 9: Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Paso Doble
Video duration length: 460 seconds

Erin Andrews Confronts A Fan.mp4

Erin Andrews Confronts A Fan
Video duration length: 117 seconds

Bruce Pearl feels up Erin Andrews Bruce Pearl has his way with Erin Andrews. Shes gonna need like 3 showers.
Video duration length: 38 seconds

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Leads to Malware

Virus writers are using the Erin Andrews peephole video as a trap to infect Apple Macs and Windows PCs with malware. Watch this video from Sophos to find out more. Learn more at This is an 'enhanced' version of the malware demonstration video, as the earlier one was branded 'inappropriate' by YouTube. See the story at That earlier version had over 182000 views.
Video duration length: 123 seconds

Erin Andrews vs 12yr old about video

A little kids asks for Erin Andrews autograph. She declines. So the 12yr old says, 'Fine, im gunna go home and watch your video!' haha great stuff.. She rebuttles, asks him what he said, and (after he denies saying it) tells him next time if hes man enough to say it he should own it. lol
Video duration length: 238 seconds

Erin Andrews Interview Les Miles About Eating Grass

Erin gets an in-depth profile of Les Miles' grass eating habit.
Video duration length: 104 seconds

ZigTech Photo Shoot with Erin Andrews

Sportscaster Erin Andrews talks about becoming the first female face of Reebok's ZigTech collection and what it feels like run and train in ZigTech footwear and apparel.
Video duration length: 97 seconds

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