Christi Paul Videos
Here are a few of the latest Christi Paul video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Christi Paul.

CNN's Christi Paul of HLN

Christi Paul of CNN HLN Dances for charity at EDIN's Celebrity Dance Challenge! She performs the salsa!
Video duration length: 104 seconds

Christi Paul

Christi Paul from CNN HLN early Nov '08 After 3:12 you can see she is wearing a leather skirt as well
Video duration length: 533 seconds

Christi Paul

Christi Paul is back from maternity leave and looking great!
Video duration length: 383 seconds

Christi Paul - CNN Headline News - Short skirt

Christi Paul
Video duration length: 121 seconds

Christi Paul titty slip on CNN Headline News

You gotta love live TV as Christi Paul has a titty slip.
Video duration length: 35 seconds

CNNHLN - Christi Paul 12 28 10

For kingofdubs: Christi Paul on 12 28 2010.
Video duration length: 238 seconds

Christi Paul In Boots

CNN Headline News on July 3, 2008.
Video duration length: 51 seconds

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