Chris Jansing Videos
Here are a few of the latest Chris Jansing video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Chris Jansing.

Chris Jansing Answers Viewer Questions

Video duration length: 0 seconds

Chris Jansing 1998 Christmas- Morningline

A glimpse at the old MSNBC Morningline program in 1998 with a very short-haired and very cute Chris Jansing
Video duration length: 83 seconds

MSNBC - Chris Jansing 11 08 10

Chris Jansing on 11 08 2010. I'm hard pressed to think of anything more pathetic than a so-called 'NASCAR brawl.'
Video duration length: 139 seconds

Chris Jansing MSNBC

Chris Jansing from the good ole days on MSNBC
Video duration length: 205 seconds

Chris Jansing Blue Dress

July 23rd, 2008. Click watch in high quality.
Video duration length: 14 seconds

MSNBC's Chris Jansing 01-25-2011

State of the Union
Video duration length: 287 seconds

Chris Jansing Puts Her Hair in a Ponyhawk

Yes Chris! Someone did put it on youtube. haha I'm your biggest fan. email me - - I want an autographed picture.
Video duration length: 47 seconds

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