Becky Quick Videos
Here are a few of the latest Becky Quick video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Becky Quick.

Rebecca Quick on Letterman

Rebecca Quick interviewed on the Late Show with Dave Letterman.
Video duration length: 481 seconds

Becky Quick - CNBC - Leggy in pink.

Becky Quick
Video duration length: 234 seconds

CNBC's Becky Quick: Keep Plucking That Chicken

CNBC's Becky Quick says a dirty word while discussing New York anchorman Ernie Anastos' flubbing of the term 'keep plucking that chicken.' Tags: cnbc squawk box becky quick carl quintanilla joe kernen ernie anastos keep plucking that chicken penis
Video duration length: 102 seconds

Becky Quick Puts Her Best Front Forward

Becky knows how to deploy her assets to her best advantage. From Squawk Box August 6 2010.
Video duration length: 27 seconds

CNBC - Becky Quick 07 26 10

Becky Quick on 07 26 2010.
Video duration length: 139 seconds

CNBC's Becky Quick Chases 'The American Tax Cheat' - 4/14/11

Video duration length: 0 seconds

CNBC - Trish Regan Becky Quick 08 02 10

Trish Regan and Becky Quick on 08 02 2010.
Video duration length: 98 seconds

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