Alisyn Camerota Videos
Here are a few of the latest Alisyn Camerota video clips. Check back later for more video featuring Alisyn Camerota.

Alisyn Camerota red leather skirt tan pantyhose 03 14 11 AN HD

Alisyn wears leather for the 2nd day in a row. Finally wears some pantyhose since she gets more full leg shots on this program. Too bad she wore those wierd heels. The higher heels would have made her legs look even better. Can't complain though as she brought her A game filling in for Martha. Here is the link to compare on the Sunday show:
Video duration length: 332 seconds

Alisyn Camerota Looking Hot

The beautiful Alisyn Camerota looks pretty sexy trying out the 'Palin Look'
Video duration length: 145 seconds

Alisyn Camerota On Red Eye

Alisyn Camerota drops a bomb on Red Eye.
Video duration length: 22 seconds

Alisyn Camerota black leather skirt 03 13 11 FAF HD

Haven't got much of Alisyn lately. This Sunday show is the first of 4 days in a row I got. I have all 3 days she filled in for Martha. This first day was a red leather skirt, and each day was tan pantyhose. Coming soon.
Video duration length: 215 seconds

Alisyn Camerota helping Fox's Ratings

Just another day at Fox & Friends. The Fox 3 banter about the latest headlines on the weekend show. Alisyn sells the networks best ratings commodity(short skirts).
Video duration length: 70 seconds

Alisyn Camerota 03 15 11 AN HD

I would list the title with pantyhose, but everyone keeps telling me she doesn't wear them. This day her legs are even tanner then the Monday show. Then the next time she was on her regular show, it was back to very white skin tone on her legs. Anyway I still have 3/16/11 to upload this week. Pretty much the same look in a gray dress.
Video duration length: 247 seconds

Alisyn Camerota stockings short black mini skirt 12-19 2010 B Alisyn Camerota in a petite short black miniskirt crossing her legs while wearing black pantyhose and showing thighs during a newsbabe newscast
Video duration length: 127 seconds

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